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Why Pegasus?

At Pegasus Financial Group we are redefining Advisor-Client Relationships.

We have been in business since 2007 and established our practice with the sole purpose of putting client needs first. Rather than focus strictly on financial data, we take a broad view of each client’s personal situation and preferences. Our unique Financial Life Management process incorporates comprehensive life planning services that focus on cash flow to help make your money work harder and smarter in your daily life. In addition, we include portfolio management, college planning, retirement income planning, implementing tax strategies, and examining estate issues. We are mindful that goals can change as life circumstances change. Whether you are starting out with your first job, looking to fund children’s college, deciding when to retire, or trying to create income for life, you can be assured that Pegasus Financial Group is here to help you. We continually monitor, reevaluate and adjust to the changes and challenges of your life.

We value a Relationship that matters.

We are focused on listening. It is essential that we truly understand your particular situation, including your needs, wants and wishes. The information we gather allows us to offer objective advice tailored to each individual needs.

We believe in continual education. One of the most important tasks for us is to educate you on your options in a way that allows you to remain informed and engaged throughout the financial and life planning process.

We are actively engaged with our clients. Our unique process allows us to continually help educate, organize, simplify and prioritize your financial and life decisions. We act as consultants to our clients and are a soundboard with open dialogue to ensure you remain on the path to achieve your goals, and dreams.

Every day we strive to fulfill our motto: