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Financial Life Management

We view our services as an ongoing life management relationship that focuses on cash flow while helping to make your money work harder and smarter.

Through our services, we are a trusted resource that can provide advice throughout life’s journey. Our services start with Holistic Financial Planning, which may include cash flow analysis, college planning, risk management, retirement income planning, portfolio management, tax strategies, and estate planning. Rather than focusing on just financial data, we take a much broader view of each client’s unique personality, preferences, needs and concerns.

The Financial Life Management Program is built on our 4 pillars of a client-advisor relationship.

1.      Listening

2.      Understanding

3.      Education

4.      Monitoring


LISTENING – Listening is the first pillar and is key to our relationship building. We listen to our client’s needs, wishes or concerns. No judgment, just listening, so we can better understand those needs, goals or concerns. Every situation is unique, and every story is important. We believe you build trust through listening.


UNDERSTANDING – To continue to build trust, we take time to understand “Why”! “Why” the client is concerned, or “Why” they may have certain needs or goals. We ask questions to seek a better understanding of the situation and what would success look like for each client. We are Fiduciaries and will put our client needs first. We want our clients to sleep well at night.


EDUCATION – We believe in education for our clients. We strive to make sure our clients understand the options available to them, the pros and cons for these options, and the expected results of the options. We educate our clients on all aspects of their customized plan, which can include cash flow, risk management, portfolio management, college planning, retirement income, tax strategies, and estate planning as needed. We use several Financial Planning tools to help educate each client on their individual goals. We also provide education on a myriad of topics through our website, blogs, or emails.


MONITORING – The last pillar of our relationship is on-going monitoring. This includes meetings throughout the year, phone calls, emails, and annual reviews of current goals. We know life situations can change and we encourage open dialogues so that adjustments can be made. We appreciate a phone call or email, especially if there has been a life change or if there is just a question or concern. Our planning is fluid so that we can meet expected and unexpected life changes.